1.we plan together your itinerary

We propose and you select family-friendly accommodation (selection standards listed here); we propose and you select kid-friendly activities & guided tours (the cost of the activities & tours varies); we propose and book the exclusive services you may need during your stay (transfers, nanny, rent a car ect).

2. you get your personalized guidebook

 The tailor-made family travel itinerary leads your way to places that only local families know and gives you the freedom to explore in your family’s pace and to “do your own thing”! Your family’s vacation itinerary will be compiled from our team’s extensive travel experiences and wide network of highly esteemed partners and will include all relevant and useful information regarding places of interest, family-friendly activities, kid-friendly beaches, taverns and restaurants, playgrounds, as well as all emergency contacts every family may need.   

3. enjoy!

We are at your disposal to assist you during your vacation and you have our mobile phone in case of emergency while in Greece. Custom family travel planning and reorganization at any point of your trip.