The Journey of the Grape

Agritourism and Wine Tourism in Northern Peloponnese with Kids 

“Where climate favors viticulture, civilization was born” and this is how your story in the regions of Corinthia and Achaia begins… Follow the MAMAKITA tried and tested itineraries and unfold the journey of the grape with kids in Northern Peloponnese! 

Northern Peloponnese is the land of grapes, of the world-renowned Corinthian raisin, and the Nemean wines. Vast areas covered with vineyards give the whole family the chance to follow the journey of the grape from antiquity to the present, along with Dionysus, the God of grape harvest, winemaking, religious ecstasy and theatre, and with the children-loved hero Hercules.

Only a couple of hours away from Athens, the region is ideal for family activities, such as hiking and cycling, or for leisure holidays next to the deep blue and clean sea of the Corinthian Gulf with its dolphins and the great views of its high mountains. Either for a city-break from Athens with kids or for longer family vacations, Northern Peloponnese is ready to welcome all tastes and preferences throughout the year.

MAMAKITA will introduce you to the region’s prosperous land and to its local products through Greek mythology, outdoor activities, and its top MAMAKITA-inspired family friendly wine-tasting experiences for wine-loving parents. Advise the MAMAKITA tried and tested family vacation itineraries below, and check all Corinthia and Achaia-based MAMAKITA kid-friendly activities.

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