Why travel with MAMAKITA consultants

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The best places to go in Greece with kids

Every family is a whole world. We have collected the best family friendly destinations because they are easy and safe to reach, and they fulfill MAMAKITA’s standards in terms of accommodation and services. Whether you have chosen a destination or you don’t know where to travel in Greece with kids, contact us and we will have the best proposal for you.

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An itinerary to suit your family

The tailor-made travel itinerary leads your way to places that only local families know and gives you the freedom to explore in your family’s pace and to “do your own thing”! Your family’s travel itinerary will be compiled from our team’s extensive travel experiences and wide network of highly esteemed partners and will include all relevant and useful information regarding the best places to visit in Greece qith kids, family-friendly activities, beaches, taverns and restaurants, playgrounds, as well as all emergency contacts every family may need.   

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Family friendly accommodation

First hand experienced accommodation solutions applying to MAMAKITA standards listed here and to our team’s dedication to personalised service and custom-tailored consulting versus product promotion. Through our proposals, you will be able to choose which type of accommodation meets your expectations the best. Is it a standard hotel? A farm? An independent villa? Or a yacht?

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The best things to do in Greece with kids

The MAMAKITA team has conducted extensive research and it introduces you to the best family service providers who will help you explore the best activities to do with kids in Greece. Do you need something more than a travel guide? Do you need a guide specialized in kids to show you Greece’s archaeological treasures? Someone to introduce you to the local flora in the mountain trails with experience in families? Do you need a nanny for you to have some time with each other? Do you need someone to provide you with baby and children gear solutions? We do not “sell” activities; we connect you with great people!  

There is no word that can express hospitality in the Greek way better than “Philoxenia”.
You are not a tourist, not either a traveler. You are our guest.