Greece is not only about Greek beaches, summer and sun. It is not even only about Greek mythology, philosophy, the ancient civilization and its archaeological treasures. It is the ideal destination for families seeking genuine adventures, cultural immersion and meaningful human connections.

Its smooth mountains can host your first hike with children; its mild rivers can welcome your family’s first rafting activity; its traditional villages and authentic products may lead you back to nature and your roots. Your family journey through this gentle landscape, the ancient myths, the indulging tastes and flavors is an everlasting learning experience that you would want to repeat.

Are you ready to create your lifetime travel story in Greece with your children?


The Best Places to Visit if you Travel with Kids in Greece

MAMAKITA and its team of family travel advisors have chosen the best family friendly destinations based on accessibility and safety. We uphold the highest of standards in terms of accommodation and services. Whether you have already chosen a destination or you don’t know what to visit within Greece, contact us and we will propose the best plan for you.

An Itinerary to Suit your Family

The tailor-made travel itinerary takes you to places that only local families know. It gives you the freedom to explore in your family’s pace and “do your own thing!” Your family’s travel itinerary will be the result of our team’s extensive travel experience and wide network of highly esteemed partners.  It will include all relevant and useful information about the best places to visit within Greece, family-friendly activities, kid-friendly beaches, taverns and restaurants, playgrounds, as well as all emergency contacts a family may need.

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Family Friendly Accommodation

We only recommend accommodations about which we have firsthand experience and which conform to MAMAKITA and our team’s high standards (listed here). MAMAKITA and our team are dedicated to personalized service and custom-tailored consulting as opposed to product promotion. Through our proposals, you will be the one to choose which type of accommodation meets your expectations, be it a standard hotel, a farm, an independent villa, or a yacht!

The Best Things to do in Greece with Kids

The MAMAKITA team has conducted extensive research and is introducing you to the best family service providers who will help you explore the best kid-friendly activities when you travel with your children in Greece. Do you need something more than a travel itinerary? Do you need a “child whisperer” to show you Greece’s archaeological treasures and cultural sights? Someone to introduce your family to the Greek nature, the local flora on the mountain trails? Do you need a nanny or baby sitter so you can have some time alone with each other? Do you need someone to provide you with baby and children’s gear solutions? We do not “sell” activities; we connect you with great people!

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The Best Tailor-made Family Vacation Planner in Greece

We will tailor your trip itinerary according to what you really need. Do you need to plan your family trip “from scratch”? Do you want to book activities, guided tours and experiences in destinations where you have already booked your stay? Or just a family friendly accommodation on the beach to rest and enjoy your precious family moments? Maybe all of the above? Let MAMAKITA create your family’s tailor-made trip itinerary making your request here and be our guest!


MAMAKITA Family Friendly Greece is an online travel agency specialized in family travel and custom family vacation itinerary planning in Greece.

Our mission is to provide families travelling with kids to Greece with premium and personalized family travel consulting services based on first-hand experience, to create custom-tailored travel itineraries and private family & kid-friendly activities and experiences that will make each and every one of the family happy.

Whether you are an adventure-seeker, or you prefer to live your family vacation at a slow pace; whether you opt for outdoor activities and hiking with kids or you have a special interest in Culture, History or Arts; whether you like agritourism, winetourism, farming, tasting the local produce or Ecotourism and the exploration of Greece’s wild life, MAMAKITA will take you there.

There is no word that can express “Hospitality” in the Greek way better than “Philoxenia”. You are not a tourist, not either a traveler. You are our guest.