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A day with the Minoans

Excavation and Minoan cuisine simulation in Crete

Let’s help prehistory come to life! Especially for that purpose we have constructed an archaeological pit for kids and adults to learn the purpose of archaeology—and to have a good time! The pit is based on real-life archaeological excavations from the Minoan time period. When a group of people come to dig with us, we take the time to help them understand what an archaeologist does and how he or she works. As they dig, we supervise their progress, helping them to understand each step’s purpose. To better understand the Minoan diet, because is not enough just to discover their kitchen, we will also replicate the way ancient Cretans cooked their meals in clay cookware, in an open fire pit. Besides, it is know that digging makes people hungry! The menu is based on archaeological evidence and includes meals and drinks.


Ideal for families with children from 4 years old

Period of operation: Throughout the year

Duration: 4 hours