weaving traditional Greece zagori families kids
weaving traditional Greece zagori families kids

A taste of Zagori rustic life

Your chance to be a local for a day

A great experience for families! In a traditional cottage housed in a historic mansion of 1873 at Central Zagori, we will follow the pace of the hostess Lena and her family.

We will learn to weave at the traditional loom and to make a natural tincture to dye the wool. Afterwards, we will learn the process of felt, with which all the members of the family will be able to create their own little cushion or decorative frame.

We will collect the day’s eggs to use them in the traditional Zagori pie. We will knead the day’s bread and we will enjoy our meal in the yard with the farm’s produce!


Ideal for families with children from 6 years old

Period of operation: Throughout the year

Duration: approx.5 hours