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Acropolis for Kids

A fun kid and family exploration through history and the ancient heart of Athens!

Grasp the glory of the Greek civilization and feel the vibrancy of the city in this amazing half day educational tour especially catered for families.

You will start your journey by heading towards the archeological site of the Acropolis. With your child-friendly guide the whole family will explore Athens’ most impressive site with its glorious monuments while taking in the stories and myths of the past.

The children will be intrigued by the story-telling behind the artifacts presented while they will also engage in interactive knowledge games throughout their exploration. Then you will move on to the renowned Acropolis Museum where you will admire from up-close treasures of the past.


4-hour private guided tour: 2-hour guided tour to the Acropolis and 2-hour guided tour to the Acropolis Museum adjusted to the children’s ages from a state licensed guide specialized in educational activities and a top-quality inspirational gift for the children.