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Acropolis Museum with a twist

Activity for toddlers

A great experiential activity if you plan to visit the Acropolis Museum with toddlers, with drama games, educational material and crafts. 

How many horses and snakes can we find in the museum?

What happened to Hercules when Zeus and Hera invited him to Mount Olympus?

What is the Titanomachy and how Athens took the name of Goddess Athena?

With the guidance of an experienced educator, toddlers discover the Acropolis Museum in their own way. They explore Greek mythology, the city’s past, meet the Karyatides, draw their observations and indulge in a role-playing game with Athena and Poseidon, while parents enjoy their guided tour or free time in the Museum or the terrace restaurant.

This activity runs parallel to the guided tour led by a licensed tourist guide in the Acropolis Museum. The tour can be also combined with a painting workshop, or an educational activity on Pnyx Hill, if you also accompany kids at school age. Check all MAMAKITA Athens-based kid-friendly tours and activities here for more ideas.


Private activity ideal for toddlers

Period of operation: Throughout the year in operating hours of the Museum

Starting time: anytime until 2 hours and a half before closing time

Duration: approx. 2 hours and a half