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Acropolis with Kids

A great family friendly tour to explore the ancient heart of Athens and Acropolis with kids!

Grasp the glory of the Greek civilization and feel the vibrancy of the city in this amazing half day private friendly tour on the Acropolis Hill and the Acropolis Museum with kids.

You will start your tour by heading towards the archeological site of the Acropolis. With your  kid friendly guide the whole family will explore Athens’ most impressive site with its glorious monuments while taking in the stories and myths of the past.

The children will be intrigued by the story-telling behind the artifacts presented while they will also engage in interactive knowledge games throughout their exploration.

Then you will move on to the renowned Acropolis Museum where you will admire from up-close treasures of the past. The Acropolis Museum is among the kid friendliest museums in Athens and accross Greece


  • The tour at the Parthenon and the Acropolis Museum with kids can be combined with an experiential activity for toddlers. While parents and their friends explore the Acropolis Museum with a state-licensed tour guide, a parallel activity runs for their toddlers. With the guidance of an experienced educator, toddlers explore the city’s past, meet the Karyatides, draw their observations and indulge in a role-playing game with Athena and Poseidon. Check the Acropolis Museum with a twist!
  • View Parthenon complete with its decorations and even step inside to see the giant golden ivory statue of the goddess Athena! Using an AR tablet or VR goggles, you can visualize all Acropolis temples and statues as they were 2000 years ago. As you walk around the heritage site you can enjoy the temples that has not survived through the centuries, like the temple of Zeus, the temple of Diana the 9m statue of Athena Promakhos and many others. Stand by the Parthenon Priest or the Priestess of Nike temple while she is pouring olive oil on the altar!
  • Tourist guide in the Greek, US and international sign language
  • The tour can be also combined with a painting workshop.
  • The tour can also be combined with an educational activity on Pnyx Hill in order to live like an Ancient Athenian

How to book

This family tour can be customized according to the children’s ages. It operates throughout the year and it cannot be booked independently, but as part of a multi-day tailormade trip in Greece.

Please contact your MAMAKITA family travel specialist to tailor your trip to your family needs, budget and age of kids by filling in this form. We strongly advise you to make your request at least one month before the starting date of your trip, and ideally 3 months in advance, if your travel dates include July and August, the peak months for family vacations in Greece.