Agritourism Holidays & Farm Stay in Greece with Kids

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If you wish to experience a family summer vacation combining some leisure on the beach with farm tours and agritourism while in Greece with kids, your destination is undoubtedly north Peloponnese! Close to Athens, the north coast of the Peloponnese is rich in terms of culture, mythology and nature, and unexpectedly unspoiled. Expanding from the Corinth Canal to the south coast of the Gulf of Corinth and to the mountainous interior of the Peloponnese, north Peloponnese is the land of grapes, raisins, the world-renown Corinthian currant and the Nemean wines. The coast of the Corinthian Gulf smells of citrus fruits, such as orange, lemon and tangerine, and as we approach the Argolis peninsula, pomegranate and olive groves spread amidst smooth valleys and green hills ending up at crystal blue sandy coves.

By Eleni Fotiou, travel journalist, founder & travel specialist at ΜΑΜΑΚΙΤΑ Family Friendly Greece and family travel advisor for Greece and Italy with Travel 12 and KimKim.

A Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Family Vacation Itinerary focusing on Agritourism in Greece with Kids

The Peloponnese agricultural background offers families the chance to get involved in cooking classes, farm tours, tastings and “farm to table” meals. But it is not only about great food and wine. Learn more about unique ecosystems and sustainable production methods, enjoy Greek nature at its best and grab the chance to experience fun educational activities designed for kids, like a family friendly winery tour and grape tasting. Do you think you will miss the highlights? No way. Ancient Epidaurus, Nafplio and Mycenae will be part of this memorable family trip to Greece!

Brief Itinerary for Agritourism in Greece with kids 

  • Day 1: Corinth, Folk Museum & Farm Tour
  • Day 2: Leisure & Relaxation on the Beach
  • Day 3: Boat Trip & Water Activities
  • Day 4: Eco Trip to Kalavryta & Vouraikos Gorge
  • Day 5: Farm Tour & Cooking Class
  • Day 6: Day Trip to Epidaurus, Nafplio & Mycenae
  • Day 7: Eco Tour & Hike Mountainous Arcadia
  • Day 8: Eco Trip to Vineyards & Lakes
  • Day 9: Archaeologist or Beekeeper for a Day?
  • Day 10: Departure with a Different Taste!

Detailed Itinerary for Agritourism in Greece with kids 

Day 1: Corinth, Folk Museum & Farm Tour

On your way to the Peloponnese, make a stop at the Corinth Canal, the second most important landmark to visit in Greece, after the Parthenon! On a kid-friendly tour, learn about the scientific journey from the 7th BC century and the construction of Ancient Diolkos until the opening of the Corinth Canal and the transformation of the Peloponnese into an island. Then embark on a boat and cross the Canal to see the submersible bridges of Posidonia and Isthmia, as well as its slopes from the inside.

After you cross Ancient Corinth, climb the Acrocorinth to cherish the views over the Corinthian Gulf. Then make your way to a folk museum that is a simulation of a 19th century Greek village, where your guide, Elena will take you back in time with an interactive kid-friendly tour. You will collect the eggs of the day, fresh vegetables and fruits from the garden, and with her guidance, you will prepare your farm-to-fork “Greek table” and enjoy your meal and your traditional Greek coffee. You can also knead bread, learn more about biodynamic agriculture, taste olive oil, and from August to October, you can live the experience of grape pressing. End your day at your family-friendly accommodation next to the sea!

Day 2: Leisure & Relaxation on the Beach 

Today is a day to experience the local family habit of a relaxing beach day with lunch at a traditional tavern at the water’s edge.  Some of the beaches are organized and you can find watersports, but still unspoiled coasts are the rule!

In the afternoon, parents will have the chance to appreciate some time with each other or enjoy a relaxing massage, while kids will indulge themselves in a scavenger hunt at Pefkias forest with an experienced pedagogue.

Day 3: Boat Trip & Water Activities

One of your family trip highlights would be a boat trip in the crystal-clear waters of the Corinthian or the Argolis Gulf along with the dolphins in one of their favorite habitats. Discover tiny islands, untouched beaches, small fishing settlements with fresh fish and authentic taverns, and learn more about the importance of dolphins in the global ecosystem.

Day 4: Eco Trip to Kalavryta & Vouraikos Gorge 

Visit Kalavryta, a village of great importance for Greece’s history, and the Vouraikos gorge, part of the E4 European path, with the famous rack railway characterized as “one of the most spectacular train rides of the world”.

Departing from the coastal village Diakopto, the train follows the Vouraikos river into the rocky cliffs of the gorge, passing over waterfalls and straits for one hour until reaching Kalavryta. One and only stop is made at Zahlorou where is really worthy stopping for a walk or a meal in the taverns by the river.

After exploring these traditional villages, visit a one-of-a-kind farm with animals and special outdoor decoration, Area SyNest. The thematic park is located on the slopes of Synevro, overlooking the stream of Krios. The park changes decoration according to the season and it is a family friendly destination for nature and art lovers. You can stroll in the lush gardens, visit a duck pond, a vegetable garden, a dove cot, a wild bird cage, a rare species’ chicken village, a rabbit village, a folklore museum, an enormous hand-made nest, a waterfall, a gorge, and a restaurant with Greek-Armenian specialties. You can swim along the way back to your accommodation!

Day 5: Farm Tour & Cooking Class

Spend your day on the beach and in the afternoon, enjoy a family farm tour and cooking class at a farm in Ancient Sikyon. The farm owner, Panagiotis is a sculptor and a farmer producing high-quality products, such as apricot chutney, apricot-made balsamic crème and his award-winning molasses made from pomegranate that are ideal for pancakes!

At his farm “Drupes”, you will be able to see -almost all- specimens of pomegranate trees growing in the Mediterranean. You will visit the apricot groves, collect fruits and vegetables and find yourself among the amicable farm animals and his sculptures of metal. You will learn more about the production process, cook with him, and enjoy your meal in his cottage. Then, you can walk together to Ancient Sikyon and see the remnants of the ancient city and the Museum as the sun is about to set.

Day 6: Day Trip to Epidaurus, Nafplio & Mycenae

Today is the day to discover mythical Argolis. Start from Ancient Epidaurus, the most famous healing center of the Greek and Roman world, considered to be the birthplace of medicine. With the guidance of a certified guide, take a tour in the site and experience drama games designed for the whole family inside the ancient theatre.

Then head to Nafplio, the first capital of Greece and a small picturesque town ideal for families. Its cobblestone streets are amazing for strolling around with safety. Here, you have the opportunity to take a food tour in the historical center or join a bike tour to swim and enjoy a picnic on a sandy beach. Afterwards, visit the old factory “Fougaro” that is transformed into an art center, to enjoy your coffee, while your kids entertain themselves with art activities.

In late afternoon, you may visit the “rich in gold” Mycenae, the center of the Mycenean civilization and kingdom of Agamemnon, the place where the Trojan War began. Here you have the option to attend a ceramic workshop to create your own souvenir to take back home and remember this precious day forever!

Day 7: Eco Tour & Hike Mountainous Arcadia

Start your day in Dimitsana, one of the famous Arcadian villages that are perched on the slopes of Mount Menalon. Admire the breathtaking views of the stone-built mountainous villages and visit the open-air water power museum.

Then, hike the Menalon Trail to the monasteries of Lousios valley, swim in the river and rest under the trees and the wooden bridges. Collect asparagus to cook them; trace the balsam and learn how you can produce balsam oil inhouse; walk in the heart of the mountain together with a professional mountain guide able to unveil the nature’s secrets, as well as to convey to your family useful knowledge that will add value to your everyday lives. Rafting Lousios river is also an option for active families with teens!

For lunch, you can participate in a “farm to table” cooking class and lunch at an authentic traditional workshop. You will have the chance to visit a traditional cookware museum and its library, and enjoy a traditional Arcadian meal including appetizers, mains and dessert, accompanied by organic wine, soft drinks, Greek coffee or tea with amazing mountain views.

In the afternoon, enjoy your free time at a very beautiful farm and natural playground or in a walk at the silversmiths’ village Stemnitsa.

Day 8: Eco Trip to Vineyards & Lakes 

This day is dedicated to the wine region of Nemea, famous for its red wines from the Agiorgitiko grape variety, and to the unique ecosystem of mountain lake Stymphalia and alpine lake Doxa.

Start with a family-friendly tour at the vineyards and a local winery in Nemea. Listen to myths related to God Dionysus, the God of grape harvest, winemaking and theatre, as well as to the Hercules’ Labors of the Stymphalian Birds and the Nemean Lion, told by a professional and inspiring storyteller experienced in kids. Then, while adults are given the time to meet the Greek varieties and taste the Nemean wines, children participate in drama and sensory games regarding the grape, the raisin, Greek mythology, and their role in the Greek culture: they taste products like grape must cookies, grape juice, vine, raisins and depending on the season, fresh grapes and moustalevria (a traditional dessert containing grapes and flour). They also have the opportunity to learn about the process of winemaking; picking, crushing and fermenting the grapes into wine and they have a “grape” time!

After your meal, you continue to the mountains. Meet lake Stymphalia, which, apart from its legends and myths, is an important ecosystem that belongs to the European Network of Protected Areas NATURA 2000. Visit the interactive Environment Museum of Stymphalia and learn more about the interdependence of Mankind and Nature in the wider area of the lake. From the museum’s balcony, you can take the family friendly path to the acropolis of Ancient Stymphalos and cherish the views! In Stymphalia, you can sip your coffee next to a playground, where children can safely play, or end your day in lake Doxa to enjoy a swim and the mountain views on a bike or a hydrobike tour.

Day 9: Archaeologist or Beekeeper for a Day?

Enjoy your free morning on the beach and in the afternoon, choose between two fun educational activities: become an archaeologist or a beekeeper for a day!

Visit the bees in their natural environment in a honey farm, learn the secrets of beekeeping and taste local honey on bread, Greek yoghurt, local cheese, fruits, accompanied with tea from local herbs and coffee.

Otherwise, visit an excavation simulation center in Patra, learn more about the profession of the archaeologist, dig to trace the remnants of the Palace of Nestor and create your own replica of ancient vase.

Day 10: Departure with a Different Taste!

On your way to Athens, you have the chance to visit a snails’ farm, meet the snails, participate in the selection and see the packaging process of fresh snails. Then, taste four snail recipes paired with two different local wines, while children paint the snail shells to take them back home as your souvenir from Greece.

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