amorgos with kids

Amorgos is the most eastern island of the Cyclades, and due to its oblong shape, it seems to operate as a breakwater that protects the eastern Small Cyclades from the heavy seas. It is the island where the film “Le Grand Bleu”, the “Big Blue” was shot, with a special “energy” and among the Greeks’ favorites. If you are willing to visit Amorgos with kids, find below all family and kid-friendly guided tours and activities.

Amorgos is not considered as a top kid-friendly destination; however, you will find family friendly accommodations in Aegiali, which could serve as a perfect base for you to explore this authentic island that you may fall in love with. It would be a pity to travel to the Small Cyclades and not visit Amorgos. 

To plan your vacation in Amorgos with kids, before you do anything, you are highly recommended to advise the MAMAKITA 8-day family friendly itinerary in Lesser (Small) Cyclades and Amorgos. If you have more days, you are highly recommended to enrich your trip with Naxos. The ideal time to visit Amorgos with kids is late spring and early summer. 

Kid-friendly Guided tours & activities

cooking class amorgos

Amorgos cooking way

Cooking class in the Cyclades island

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snorkeling nikouria amorgos

Snorkeler in Amorgos

Kid friendly activity in the Cycladic beaches

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pottery ceramic amorgos kids

Cycladic ceramics in Amorgos

Private family pottery class in Aegiali

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diving kids amorgos greek islands

Become a Bubble Maker

Discover Scuba Diving in Amorgos

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greek dancing classes amorgos

Dancing the Greek way

Greek dances class in Amorgos Cyclades

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donkey rides amorgos kids

Donkey rides in Amorgos

Family experience in Tholaria, Langada and Limni

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pastry class amorgos

Meet the bakers of Amorgos

Greek pastry making in Cyclades

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herbs amorgos greek islands

Naturalist for a day

Discover the herbs of Amorgos

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fishing kids amorgos

Fisherman for a day in Amorgos

Kid friendly fishing tour

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amorgos tour greek villages

Do you speak Greek?

Greek language class in Amorgos

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farming amorgos

Farmer for a day

Farming and agritourism in Amorgos

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amorgos tour greek villages

Amorgos Island Tour

Full-day private family exploration

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amorgos hora

Tour in the heart of Amorgos

Chora and Katapola family private tour

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amorgos tour greek villages

Hiking the villages of Amorgos

From Chora to Katapola with kids

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amorgos tour aegiali

Explore Aegiali

Private tour at the villages of Northern Amorgos

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amorgos tour greek villages

Hiking Aegiali in Amorgos

Aegiali – Tholaria – Langada (circular)

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hiking amorgos kids

Hiking Katapola in Amorgos

Xylokeratidi – Nera – Katapola garden (circular)

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amorgos tour greek villages

Discover Secret Amorgos

Private tour in the South of Amorgos

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hiking amorgos greek islands

Hiking Kato Meria in Amorgos

Vroutsi – Kastri – Vigles – Kamari (circular)

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