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Ancient Corinth and Acrocorinth

Private guided tour to the ancient city and the acropolis

Ancient Corinth was one of the largest and most important cities of Greece, with a population of 90,000 in 400 BC. It was made up of three parts; the acropolis on the hill (Acrocorinth), the city itself on a lower plateau, and its port, Leheo (Lechaion) on the coast. All this was protected by a wall which ran for 20 km (over 12 miles). In this privately guided family-oriented tour, you will experience Ancient Corinth and the Acrocorinth in the kid-friendliest way.

Together with a licensed tourist guide tried and tested by the MAMAKITA team, you will be able to explore the city’s past by visiting the site, the Museum and Acrocorinth, the imposing rock surveying all the area, rarely visited by visitors from abroad.

During spring, the area is covered with poppies and the views to the Corinthian and the Saronic Gulf are something that you will never forget. Outside the archaeological site of the Ancient Corinth you will find a children’s playground on a pedestrian zone and a cafe where you can get some refreshments. 

In Acrocorinth, on the other hand, you can ascend the hill by car and enjoy the view and if your kids are older you can opt for hiking to the Penteskoufi Castle overlooking the Acropolis and the entire Corinthian Gulf.

How to book

This family tour is ideal for families with children from 6 years old and it operates throughout the year. It cannot be booked independently, but as part of a multi-day tailormade trip in Nafplio, Corinth and the wider region of the Peloponnese.

Please contact your MAMAKITA family travel specialist to tailor your trip to your family needs, budget and age of kids by filling in this form. We strongly advise you to make your request at least one month before the starting date of your trip, and ideally 3 months in advance, if your travel dates include July and August, the peak months for family vacations in Greece.