Arcadia & the menalon

Greece Arcadia village Dimitsana

Represented in the Greek and Roman mythology as an earthly paradise, a utopia, Arcadia is in the center of the Peloponnese. This depiction is not far from what the visitor encounters today in the part spreading on Mount Menalon, a hospitable fir mountain full of legends, home to God Pan of woods, fields, and flocks, and the dryads, nymphs and other spirits. Menalon is flowed by river Ladon, who spills into a big artificial lake, river Alphios and river Lousios, in the center, which hosts the highest habitat diversity and human activities.

In this mountain, you will be given the chance to experience hiking with kids in the simplest and most family friendly trails of the Menalon, that MAMAKITA team has tested with kids. Among fir trees, rivers and streams, watermills, stone bridges, small waterfalls and accessible gorges, you will have the opportunity not only to hike and picnic in nature, but also to come across villages, monasteries, traces of the human heritage and to get to know the Greek ancient and modern history.

Find below all the available kid & family friendly tours, activities and experiences provided from professionals specialized in kids or request your custom family travel plan here. 

Guided services

lake doxa kids family peloponnese

Explore the water cycle

Full day guided tour in mountainous Peloponnese

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prodromos monastery arcadia hiking family

Spiritual paths of the Menalon

Family hiking in the monasteries of Arcadia

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menalon trail arcadia peloponnese family kids

Family hiking the Menalon Trail

Hiking with toddlers and kids in Arcadia

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family rafting arcadia peloponnese greece

Rafting the divine Arcadian river

Outdoor activity with kids in river Lousios

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mushroom hunting menalon arcadia

Mushroom hunting & cooking

Hiking with kids and teenagers in Arcadia

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silversmith workshop kids arcadia

Silversmithing workshop

An experiential family activity in Arcadia

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menalon trail arcadia peloponnese kids

Menalon Forest Games

Activities for kids in Arcadia

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menalon trail hiking familly kids

Botanical hiking tour  

Hiking and educational activity for kids in Arcadia

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menalon trail father kids fountain

Truffle hunting

Hiking and truffle hunting with kids in Arcadia

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shelter arcadia hiking survival

Forest sleep over

Survival tactics and overnight stay in Arcadia

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vitina arcadia peloponnese

Vitina Walking Tour

Family guided tour and sightseeing

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arcadiani tour cooking tasting arcadia peloponnese

Arcadian gastronomy tour

Cooking class in Arcadia

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