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In Arcadia with Nymphs and Fairies

Hiking with kids in Greece along the Menalon Trail

“Et In Arcadia Ego”: a few things have changed in Arcadia, the land of utopia, as depicted in the Arcadian Shepherds, the paintings of the early 17th century. In the centre of the Peloponnese, the region around Mount Menalon covered with fir trees and gifted with abundant water, flowing from springs, through streams and rivers keeps the myths and legends of nymphs and fairies alive in every village you encounter, in every stone you touch, in every step you take.

Here is where Goddess Artemis (or Diana) used to hunt; here is where her follower nymph Callisto, mother of Arcas and the Arcadians, was transformed into a bear and later was set among the stars as Ursa Major. Here is also where rivergod Ladon transformed his daughter, naiad Daphne, into a laurel tree; where God of nature, shepherds, flocks and mountain wilds, Pan, fell in love with nymph Syrinx; where Aglaos, the “happiest Man on earth” lived.

MAMAKITA has walked and traced the family & kid friendly paths of the Menalon Trail, and will guide you to the heart of the forest for you to discover the deep spirituality and cultural wealth in this awe-inspiring scenery and one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

Plan your custom family itinerary with the guidance of MAMAKITA travel advisors or select from our suggested itineraries below and find the best places to stay and the best things to do in Greece with kids.  BOOK NOW

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Arcadia hiking highlights


From 350€*

Ideal for all seasons and all ages, hiking the Menalon Trail, visit Greek villages such as Vitina and Dimitsana, monasteries of Lousios gorge, Open-Air water power Museum.

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Arcadia off the beaten path

(from 6 days)

From 390€*

Ideal for all seasons, older kids and teenagers, visit Mountainous Corinthia and Arcadia, lakes and caves, Lousios gorge and authentic villages, such as Valtesiniko.

*All rates include accommodation (selection standards listed here) per adult in middle season as well as travel guidebook created by MAMAKITA as a result of firsthand experiences to facilitate your trip with all relevant information and tips for travelling in the area with kids, maps & directions, restaurants & taverns, as well as necessary contacts.