Aristi Estate: a bio experience

aristi agrifood farming kids

A small oasis is hidden inside the urban landscape of Chalandri.

Wishing to offer the experience of cultivation, knowledge of the land and inner tranquility, Aristi farm was created as a multi-purpose site that allows us to take a small break and appreciate the natural beauty that generously surrounds us. Whether it’s a school trip destination, a family getaway in the city, or even a meeting place for friends, Aristi Estate is a welcoming school for both young and older people.

In this specially designed operating area of the estate, organic, traditional herb, fruit and vegetable crops are harvested in small quantities without fertilizers and pesticides, but with lots of love, care and hard work. At the same time, through activities, flavors and music, Ktima Aristi aims at the interaction of man with the earth, hence, at the cultivation of character and imagination.

The mission is to make Aristi Estate a meeting point for people of all ages who want to “redefine” the urban lifestyle. At the same time, through actions and seminars, the estate aims at collective welfare and a better quality of life.

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