In Athens for a while

Greece acropolis kids

Ideas to explore the Greek capital with kids

While travelling to Greece, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Athens and the world-renowned monuments and museums. Below, you will find family-friendly options in the Greek capital and a collection of guided services provided from professionals specialized in kids.

Guided services

Greece acropolis kids

Acropolis for kids

A fun kid and family exploration through history and the ancient heart of Athens

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museum ancient greek technology athens kids

Ancient Greek Strategy Games

From the zatrikion to the puzzle, the tangram, chess, backgammon and tic tack toe

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pottery kids athens activitiies

Mythology & Pottery for Kids

Visit significant landmarks, learn about Greek Gods and create a handmade work of art!

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grapes kids nemea wine

Let’s have a “grape” time!

The ultimate experience of wine-loving parents

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cooking class athens greece

Family cooking class

Learn how to make “ntakos”,

“gemista” and “Mani galatopita”

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sounio temple of poseidon athens

A day at the farm & Sounio for kids

Half-day private family excursion to Sounio

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kids athens tour painting parthenon

Painting the Parthenon

An entertaining painting activity for our little friends that will always be remembered

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Flavors of Athens for Kids

An exciting gastronomy tour especially designed for families

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kids athens tours activities

Treasure Hunt for Kids

Exploit the diverse city of Athens in the most family-friendly way

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kipoedia park Athens kids

Visit Kipopedia

A natural playground in Pallini, about 30 minutes far from the Athens city centre

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athens kids museum ancient greek technology

Calculating mechanisms in Antiquity

From the “calculator” of Salamina to the “computer of Antikythera”

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kids tour eco Athens

Half-day eco tour in Rafina

A natural and historical tour around Marikes beach, 30 minutes away far from the city centre

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acropolis museum activitis for kids

Acropolis Museum with a twist

Kids’ project in the Acropolis museum

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mythology comics workshop kids

Create your own hero

Comics mythology workshop for families

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Mythology Storytelling Walk athens

Together with Zeus, Dionysus and Athena

Mythology storytelling walk in Athens

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tour guide kids Greece ancient agora

Walk in the steps of Socrates

Visit Ancient Agora and Kerameikos and see where Democracy and Philosophy were born

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kids Greece archaeological museum Athens

Archaeological Panorama

A family friendly tour at the National

Archaeological Museum of Athens

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kids Greece Byzantine museum Athens

Byzantine & Benaki Museum

Hellenism through Byzantine and Neoclassic Art

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acropolis lycabettus kid watching

Be an Athenian

A child-friendly experiential game & the most exciting way to discover all about ancient Athens

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Telecommunication & Cryptography

How did ancient Greeks communicate

and send encoded messages?

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church metropolis athens Greece

Byzantine Athens

A tour of the glorious history of the Byzantine Empire through Byzantine Athens

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Kessariani monastery Athens kids tour

Up the Athens Mount Imittos

Walk and play through the woods of Mt Imittos

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olympic panathenaic stadium tour

Olympic athlete for a day

Get the background on what Olympics were really about

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national garden athens kids

Athens in a click

Photo tour in Athens with kids and teenagers

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Sightseeing and activities