Best Science Activities for kids in Athens

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By Elfi Koufogeorgou-Dontis*

Traveling with kids is not only about laying on the beach (which is super amazing), but it is also about having quality time with the children and why not provide with some educational activities that don’t feel like regular class and they are super interesting to be done while kids and adults have fun. And surprisingly enough, my home city Athens, Greece, has plenty of science related kid friendly activities to offer. From a museum with ancient technology replicas to modern science centers, there is a bit of everything for everybody.

As a social entrepreneur, and when one of my projects, LuxKidsLab came to life, it was for one purpose: to help children conquer the fear of science. There are several studies, showing that especially girls lose their interest in science at a very young age (starting around 8 years). As a mum, I also realized that children learn when they have fun, through interesting, interactive activities that engage them, give them initiatives and the possibility to explore in a safe environment.

Science with kids in Athens

Before starting, you all know of course that Athens is really a fantastic destination for families with children. History, beaches, mountains, nature, nearby islands, museums, playgrounds, gardens, parks, shopping, amazing food, literally there is everything to satisfy any taste and preference! But now it’s also time to include its kid friendly Science Activities.

So, where in Athens you can enjoy science activities with the kids? Here is a list, highly recommended (tried and tested) and you can always check out MAMAKITA family friendly privately guided tours and kid friendly activities in Athens here.

Goulandris museum of Natural History and GAIA Centre

This natural history museum, although not very big in size, is located at one of the most beautiful and green suburbs of Athens, Kifissia. The building is historical, with neoclassical architecture, a beautiful terrace and garden and apart from the main exhibits organizes science activities for kids including theatrical plays to raise environmental awareness. After your visit, you can enjoy an amazing family meal at the restaurant of the museum, run by one of the famous Greek chefs. You can then stroll in Kifissia, a do a little bit of shopping (maybe) as Kifissia has the most amazing agora (market).

National Observatory of Athens

If you child (or you) loves everything about the stars, the universe, astrophysics etc, this is the place to be! Educational kid friendly activities, Geoastrophysics museum and three Visitor Centers (one located in the center of Athens, and two in the outskirts of the city).

thisseio observatory athens kids
Thisseio with kids

Eugenides Foundation Planetarium and Athena Centre of Science and Technology

Α “must” visit! A handful of activities for children and adults, a world of science and technology and astronomy all in one place. Children will love it! They will ask you to go back (that’s for sure) and be prepared for a full day of discoveries. And if you are not tired after the visit, the Planetarium is located very close to Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, home of the National Opera, the National Library, with beautiful gardens and next to the Athens Riviera with the amazing beaches, the restaurants, the hotels and so much more! Enjoy!

Museum of Experiments

Indulge in the amazing world of chemistry, biology, physics and play! Experiments for all, science birthday parties and science all over!! Because science is everywhere and it’s so much fun! (Get ready for dirty hands and big smiles in some of the best science activities for kids in Athens!)

Museum of Ancient Greek Technology

Yes, it exists and you will not want to go until you tried all the replicas, after you realize that Ancient Greeks were very developed in technology and they had amazing ways to introduce technology in their daily lives. The creator of the museum has done an amazing job to showcase the inventions of the Ancient Greeks and for sure you and your children will never forget this visit. Book an interactive guided tour and one of the kid friendly educational programs that MAMAKITA suggests: Ancient Greek Strategy Games, Calculating Mechanisms in Antiquity and Telecommunication and Cryptography.

Museum of Illusions

Illusions is not magic, is science! But there is something very magical about them! Discover them at the museum and take a lot of pictures!

Planet Physics

An indoor playground but different! Children will discover with interactive activities and stations, physics while parents can join or have a nice rest at the café of the playground.

Museum of Emotions for Children and Teenagers

This museum is indeed unique! It will help you to teach your children about emotions in the most pleasant and interesting way possible! Highly recommended!

Mineralogical Museum of Lavrion   

The collection of the Mineralogical Museum of Lavrion comprises samples of minerals from the region of Lavrion, pieces unique both in quality and beauty. More than 610 species of minerals have been discovered in the subsoil of the region (amounting to 16% of the world’s known minerals), which is why the region of Lavrion has been rightly named “an inexhaustible natural mineral and chemical laboratory

XPLORE (inside the Golden Hall)

The newest “kid on the block” we loved this space with my children! Endless fun in different stations related to science, a great dinosaurs experience, a small playground for smaller kids, and great shopping experience at the Golden Hall.

Hellenic Children’s Museum

Very nice especially for small children, it helps children become creative while playing. Near many other museums and the historical center of Athens. With MAMAKITA, you can organize an educational activity for your kids and their friends, such as Cooking the Greek way and Learning Greek.

Herakleidon Museum & Annex

The Antikythera Mechanism, the first computer in the world! Learn everything about it, explore and have fun! A visit to the Museum can be perfectly combined with a guided kid friendly tour at the Ancient Agora and Kerameikos together with a licensed family-oriented guide to Walk in the Steps of Socrates or/and an educational activity for kids to discover how democracy was practiced in the years of Pericles and to feel like an Ancient Athenian.   

Little Scientists

A fantastic place to explore sciences with small children! Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Astronomy, Coding…

Athens Science Festival

Last but not least, there is also the annual Athens Science Festival with the best science activities for kids in Athens. Check the dates on the website and enjoy!

Check out MAMAKITA family friendly itinerary and kid-friendly tours and activities in Athens here and let MAMAKITA create for you and your family your own tailor-made trip itinerary making your request here.

*Elfi Koufogeorgou-Dontis is a mum of 2 girls. She’s living in Luxembourg with her family their dog and rabbit. Elfi has been traveling around the world from a very young age. She is the founder of LuxKidsLab, Science in fun and interesting way as well as of TravelmatKanner, activities, travels and ideas for families. She’s currently working on more innovative ideas as she loves to foster entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. She believes her home country Greece is the ideal destination for families and she would love to inspire more families to visit this beautiful, mythical and in many aspects unexplored country. 

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