Family Travel Planning: Why Using a Travel Advisor

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Booking Online vs Using the Services of a Travel Agent

…When planning to travel with the family

Information in the age of the internet and search engines can take you to the end of the world and back, introduce you to numerous little known or unexplored places around the globe and expand your knowledge by “traveling” throughout the world in a matter of hours.  Many worried that this burst of free information would have a negative impact on travel agencies and the work of travel advisors and designers. However, people, especially independent travelers planning to travel with their family and children, tend to trust the latter rather than booking engines. And here is why:

  • Safety in Family Travel: When planning to travel with children, especially with babies and toddlers, safety is a key issue. If you travel to a country where a foreign language is spoken, where the customs and traditions are different than the ones you share or know, you cannot safely travel off the beaten track, explore at your own pace and avoid mainstream destinations, services and activities. That’s when a trustworthy travel consultant comes handy! More than 50% of the families who have traveled in Greece with the help of travel advisors are families who used to travel off the beaten track before they had kids and they are now looking for additional safety.
  • Experience: Family travel designers know their field. A good designer has first-hand experience of the places he/she recommends, visits them more than once within a year, conducts extensive research and has already created a trustworthy network of local experts and partners to help you avoid unpleasant surprises and solve problems that you may encounter. They are experts in family travel planning and they can be your local pals!
  • Personalized services and trip planning: Travel designers are real people, not engines. They provide personalized advice and attention, as well as information you won’t find in the Internet. Most important, however, is the fact that you can contact them whenever you need them. Booking engines are not “smart” enough to create a travel profile and a family travel guidebook, especially when your travel includes kids.  Just try selecting “2 adults, 3 kids age 2, 4 and 6 years old” in booking engines. You will most probably end up with choices not applicable to families!
  • Value for money: Travel advisors offer the best deals. Irrespective of the type of vacation that you will choose, travel advisors will only charge you a consultation fee without hidden charges and will create the family travel itinerary that suits your family!

Why planning with MAMAKITA team family travel advisors?

  • The best places to visit if you travel with kids in Greece: MAMAKITA and its team have chosen the best family friendly destinations based on accessibility and safety.  We uphold the highest of standards in terms of accommodation and services. Whether you have already chosen a destination or you don’t know what to visit within Greece, contact us and we will propose the best plan for you.
  • An itinerary to suit your family: The tailor-made travel itinerary takes you to places that only local families know. It gives you the freedom to explore in your family’s pace and “do your own thing!” Your family’s travel itinerary will be the result of our team’s extensive travel experience and wide network of highly esteemed partners.  It will include all relevant and useful information about the best places to visit within Greece, family-friendly activities, beaches, taverns and restaurants, playgrounds, as well as all emergency contacts a family may need.  
  • Family friendly accommodation: We only recommend accommodations about which we have first hand experience and which conform to MAMAKITA and our team’s high standards (listed here). MAMAKITA and our team are dedicated to personalized service and custom-tailored consulting as opposed to product promotion. Through our proposals, you will be the one to choose which type of accommodation meets your expectations, be it a standard hotel, a farm, an independent villa, or a yacht!
  • The best things to do in Greece with kids: The MAMAKITA team has conducted extensive research and is introducing you to the best family service providers who will help you explore the best activities when you travel with your children in Greece. Do you need something more than a travel guide? Do you need a “child whisperer” to show you Greece’s archaeological treasures? Someone to introduce your family to the local flora on the mountain trails? Do you need a nanny or baby sitter so you can have some time alone with each other? Do you need someone to provide you with baby and children’s gear solutions? We do not “sell” activities; we connect you with great people!
  • The best tailor-made family vacation planner in Greece: We will tailor your trip according to what you really need. Do you need to plan your family trip “from scratch”? Do you want to book activities, guided tours and experiences in destinations where you have already booked your stay? Or just a family friendly accommodation by the sea to rest and enjoy your precious family moments? Maybe all of the above? Our team believes in “Philoxenia,” the Greek word for “Hospitality.” You are not a tourist, neither are you a random traveler. You are our guest. Let MAMAKITA create your family’s tailor-made trip itinerary making your request here and be our guest!

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