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Botanical Hiking Tour  

Family hiking tour in Arcadia and Mount Menalon

Mount Menalon has the largest variety of flora in all Arcadia and many unusual species. While hiking the beautiful smooth path of the Menalon Trail around Elati, you will have the chance to experience one of the most beautiful parts of the fir forest, rich in herbs, mushrooms and wild edible potherb; the setting for a memorable botanical hiking tour with kids. 

In this botanical hiking tour with kids, collect asparagus to cook them; trace the balsam and learn how you can produce balsam oil inhouse; Learn how to light fire with stones and how to build a shelter… Appreciate the value of the forest and learn how to protect it!

Smell, taste, feel the forest breeze and walk in the heart of the mountain together with a professional mountain guide trained in survival tactics and able to unveil the nature’s secrets, as well as to convey to your family useful knowledge that will add value to your everyday lives.

To plan your trip in Arcadia with kids, you are recommended to advise the MAMAKITA tried and tested family vacation itineraries, and check all MAMAKITA Arcadia-based kid-friendly activities.


All mountain guides are certified, experienced in kids and trained from the Red Cross holding First Aid Certificates.

Ideal for families with children from 4 years old. Archery from 7 years old. The route will be adjusted accoridng to the kids’ age and the family’s physical conditions. 

Period of operation: Throughout the year

Duration: approx. 2 hours including smooth hiking