kids cooking athens
kids cooking athens

Cooking the Greek way

A hands-on experience for toddlers

Olives, feta cheese, olive oil, oregano and other herbs are closely associated with Greek gastronomy and culture. In this cooking class in Athens toddlers cook olive bread and cheese bread and it smells like Greece all over the place!

The hands-on activity is conducted exclusively by MAMAKITA and it is led by the experienced pedagogues of the Hellenic Children’s Museum in Athens, which is housed in the building of the Athens Conservatory. 

To plan your trip in Athens with kids, you are recommended to check all MAMAKITA kid-friendly activities.


Private cooking class in Athens for toddlers 

Period of operation: Throughout the year Wednesday 11:00-19:00 and from Thursday to Sunday 11:00-15:00 except public holidays  

Starting time: anytime until 90 min before closing time

Duration: 90 min