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handmade art workshop messenia
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Creating family sea memories

Eco-tour and creative workshop for kids in Messenia

Alexandra, the host of the eco-farm located in Marathopoli had once a dream that came true. A place where people can experience the simplest way of life in harmony with nature, the animals, the soil, the sun. Experience this Creative workshop for Kids in her farm in Messinia and create family sea memories that will last forever.

An eco-tour in the farm, the olive grove and the veggie garden, is inspiring and boosts every person’s creativity. It is the best way for adults to slow down and detoxify from the hectic rhythms of the urban life and for children to play, create, meet the animals and get acquainted with the life of the farmer.

Get inspired from the Messenian nature and the Ionian coast, from Alexandra’s handmade jewels and decoration, and participate in a creative workshop of handmade art for kids from materials collected from the sea of Messinia. This way you will create your unique handmade souvenir to take back home along with some unforgettable family memories!

Accommodation in two tentipis hosting up to 6 people each also available upon request.

To plan your trip in Messenia with kids, you are recommended to advise the MAMAKITA tried and tested family vacation itineraries, and check all MAMAKITA kid-friendly activities.


Ideal for families with children of all ages

Period of operation: May to October

Duration: 2 hours for the eco-tour and 3 hours for the handmade art workshop