Delphi & Parnassos

family hiking delphi ancient olive grove

Considered the navel of the world, Delphi was the most important oracle in the ancient world. The archaeological site sits on the slopes of Mount Parnassos, which is recognized as a National Park, close to the village of Arachova, a popular escape for Athenians during winter, overlooking the Corinthian Gulf. Only 2 hours away from Athens, the scenic mountain and the sacred site offer unique views of Greece and bear a long history from antiquity till the time of the establishment of the modern Greek state.

A paradise for nature lovers and hikers, Mount Parnassos does not only comprise craggy slopes, but it also unveils its welcoming plateaus ideal for family games and pic nic, and a footpath to an ancient olive grove of unparalleled beauty accessible for all. Choose among MAMAKITA family and kids’ friendly guided services to get the most out of this charming place.     

Guided services

pic nic parnassos family toddlers

Robin Hood pic nic on Mount Parnassos

Activities, games and fun in the plateaus of Mt Parnassos

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family hiking delphi ancient olive grove

Hiking the ancient footpath to Delphi

Family hiking in Delphi overlooking the ancient olive grove

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delphi greece

Delphi for kids

Full-day family excursion to the naval of the world

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cooking class delphi dolmades greek

Family cooking in Arachova

A family culinary experience

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parnassos kids families

Family wild forest experience

A day of 4X4 discovery in Mt. Parnassos National Park

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family hiking delphi pan cave

Parnassos Corycean Cave hike for teens

A hike in a mythological place, the Corycian Cave

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arachova greek folk traditions museum

Arachova’s Folk Traditions

Meet Arachova’s Folk Art, Dance and Taste

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mountain bike parnassos delphi kid delphi

Family Mountain Bike from Delphi to the sea

Discover the beauty of the Delphi ancient olive grove on a mountain bike

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