Enjoy a show at the New Digital Planetarium

Planetarium Athens

Photo taken from the official website

The New Digital Planetarium in Athens is a scientific center with the important mission of communicating the achievements in science to the general public and to enlighten people about the nature of scientific research and technology. It is amphitheatrical, with a dome screen 25 meters in diameter and floor angled at 23.5 degrees. The projection surface of the dome screen, totaling 950m2, covers an area the size of two basketball courts.

Providing entertaining education, the shows at the New Digital Planetarium with their virtual 3D animation graphics stimulate the audience’s senses by presenting images of various phenomena and processes accurately and spectacularly, in a way that science and technology can also be perceived from an artistic point of view. In order to get information regarding the shows, ages, ticket prices and booking, visit the official website of the Eugenides Foundation.

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