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How to pack lightly for your adventures

What do you think of when you think of Greece? Whether it’s sun-kissed beaches, ancient archaeological monuments, or simply delicious food, there are few places better for a family holiday than this friendly nation. When it comes to outdoors with kids in Greece there’s loads on offer too. The mountains are perfect for hiking with beginners, while you can try rafting on its gentle rivers. And of course, spend hours swimming and snorkelling off its pristine beaches. But how to pack lightly for your outdoor adventures in Greece. After all, you’ll want some space in your suitcase or backpack for some cool souvenirs, while not forgetting any essential outdoor kit!

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Best time to visit Greece for Outdoors with Kids

Before deciding what to pack for Greece, we need to know when you’re going to visit. Much travel to Greece is seasonal, and many of the islands operate during the summer months, from June to September. July and August is when the weather is at its hottest – more than 30 degrees Celsius. If you can, visiting in June and September is a little cooler, cheaper, and a lot less busy.

It usually stays warm until the end of November, and winters can be quite mild although there’s more risk of rain (And sometimes even snow) than there would be usual. It’s important to pack accordingly.

Clothes to Experience Life Outdoors with Kids

First and most important on the list is what clothes you’re going to take. You’re not going to need anything heavy in Greece, although a lightweight rain jacket might be a good idea – especially if you’re planning to go hiking or taking any ferry rides.

In the summer, a suitable wardrobe for each family member is around four tops, a pair of shorts, long bottoms, a jumper or sweatshirt (may not be worn but it’s best to be safe), and a pair of shoes and flip flops. Hats and sunglasses will also protect you from the sun. And you can’t forget swimming stuff! Whether you’re staying in a hotel with a pool or by the beach, the kids are sure to want to go swimming. And so are you – just think of those magnificent cooling blue waters on a Mediterranean summers’ day. A towel is an essential too, remember not all hotels or hostels provide them free as part of your stay.

For those who are planning on a lot of walking, a practical and comfortable pair of shoes is best, such as a sturdy pair of trainers/sneakers or walking boots.

If you’re travelling in winter, the clothing above is a good idea but you may need some extras too. A heavier jacket may be necessary, as well as a beanie, gloves, and scarf.

Sunscreen, toiletries, and medical

One of the most important things that you can’t possibly forget on a trip to Greece is sunscreen. No-one wants to spend their time indoors after being sunburned. The sun can be quite intense in Greece, so make sure to get a high factor sun cream, and re apply it every couple of hours. Especially if you’re spending a day at the beach or the pool. Just in case miss a re-application, it’s a good idea to pack some after sun too to cool any affected areas. But hopefully you won’t need that.

When it comes to toiletries, it depends on your family. Remember that you can always pick essentials up such as shower gel, shampoo, and soap at a supermarket for a reasonable price. This means that you won’t have to lug it around in your case or backpack too and you’ll save a bit of weight. However, if your family have a favourite and they don’t want to be separated, it’s up to you to make that decision. It’s always good to have less weight in your case though.

One thing that is essential is medication. So, if you’re on any specialised medication at home, remember to bring that as the equivalent may not be available in Greece. Seasickness pills are a great idea, especially if you’re planning on taking ferry trips between islands. 


After a busy day, sometimes the kids might just want to relax and chill out with their tablets or phones. And maybe you will too. Well, that shouldn’t be a problem – as long as you remember that Europe uses different adaptors to the US and the UK. If you forget your European adaptor, it’s not too big a deal as you’ll easily be able to pick one up. However, it can get a bit expensive if everyone in the family needs one for their phone and/or tablet. And, it can be a bit annoying if you get home to 37 European adaptors that you keep picking up and meaning to use for your next trip!

Hiking essentials in travels with kids in Greece

Last but not least on our list of what to pack for an outdoor adventure in Greece with kids are some hiking essentials. These are even just for long walks, as you may do on Santorini or a day exploring Athens. Everyone should have their own small backpack which can fit any essentials to take during the day – such as water bottles, a camera, and a snack. Walking boots or sturdy trainers are a must, and if you’re tackling some more challenging hills or mountains, poles might be good. It’s very important to have plenty of water so you don’t get dehydrated in that hot Mediterranean sun!

So, now you know how to pack lightly for family adventures in Greece, you’ll want to get your trip booked…

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