kids Greece corinth canal museum
kids Greece corinth canal museum
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Explore the history of the Corinth Canal

Educational visit to the Centre of History of the Corinth Canal

Paying tribute to the importance of the Corinth Canal and the attempts to connect the two seas since ancient times, the “6 km project” is presented in the Center of History and Science “”. This educational visit to the Corinth Canal and the Center narrating its history is the best way for kids to acquire valuable scentific knowledge regarding the contruction of the Canals. 

The Centre describes the scientific journey from Ancient Diolkos until the Corinth Canal in an interactive manner with references to all sciences, from mechanics and geology to physics, mathematics, and philosophy.

The Centre’s aim is to offer opportunities to visitors to experience, in an innovative, exciting, and interactive way, the importance of Corinth’s history and the scientific and technological achievements connected with it. It is family friendly and apart from the permanent exhibition on shipbuilding, you will have the chance to live the 3D experience of flying over the canal, the sandbox application, and physical experiments.

You can customize your visit with:

  • an educational program designed for school age children with physics’ experiments regarding Ancient Diolkos and the Corinth Canal
  • an educational program designed for school age children on shipbuilding in the exhibition of the wooden models of Greek ships, closely connected with Corinth: the trireme, the Athenian bireme, Samaina, the Byzantine dromon
  • an educational program for toddlers and younger kids with “Plaggona”, the ancient Corinthian “Barbie” doll with the guidance of the director of theatrical and puppetry activities of the Centre.

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Ideal for families with children from 4 years old

Period of operation: Throughout the year

Duration: Visit 1-hour, educational programs 45 to 90 minutes