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Mani family vacation Greece

Globetrotters in slow motion

Slow-paced holidays in the family-friendly side of Mani

“Passing by you see Mani in three days, walking in three months and to see its soul you need three lives. One for the sea, one for its mountains and one for its people”, notes Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor in his travel journeys in an attempt to describe Mani. Made of stone and light, it did not randomly affect the lives of great travel authors and globetrotters, such as Fermor, who spent half of his life there, or Kazantzakis, who wrote “Zorba the Greek” inspired by the serene Mani coast.

Wild at first sight, with cypresses and olive trees reaching the white-pebble coast in Kardamili, thyme and oregano spreading their smells around sandy Kalogria and Stoupa, castles and towers narrating glorious stories from the medieval times and the years of the Greek Upheaval, Mani helps people to unfold and feel at home; to rediscover themselves away from the rhythms of our rather hectic life and start appreciating the details.

MAMAKITA will introduce you to a range of experiences you are able to live in the area with kids, at the pace you seek. Art courses, farming, olive oil tasting, hiking, sailing or sea kayaking in the Messenian Gulf will be offered to you as possible options, but you will choose how you will appreciate your time, the views, the smells, the colors, the sounds, the tastes and the people in order to return home richer in knowledge, understanding and value.

Are you ready to get a feel for the land that made world globetrotters slow down?

Seasons: spring, summer and autumn

Ages: All

Available accommodation: traditional guesthouses, exclusive villas, seafront suites, ecolodges, farms, tents and treehouses.

How to get there: Arrival to Athens International or Kalamata Airport, rent a car (with or without a driver)

Available exclusive services: nanny, professional family-oriented and experienced mountain guide, licensed tour guide specialized in kids

Greece family vacation Mani