Good News from Greece for 2023

A Tribute to all our Special Post-Pandemic Guests who Traveled to Greece with kids

The last 2 years have undoubtedly been the toughest ones for the MAMAKITA team, but as Benjamin Franklin famously said, Out of adversity comes opportunity’.

Firstly, the global pandemic turned our small local business completely upside down with both domestic and foreign travel all but halted. Then as we started to return to normality the tourism sector, particularly in Greece, experienced an unprecedented and sharp “rebound” which brought with it all the positives and negatives that would be expected after such a long period of disruption.

But our team did not just survive, it grew and flourished. Doing everything possible to ensure a smooth and authentic travelling experience, whilst maintaining our key principle of offering the highest level of services to every traveler.

This is because of YOU, our valued travelers, who trusted us to create and deliver unforgettable lifelong memories during your family trip to Greece!

For this, we would like to say THANK YOU! Thank you for being part of our journey and we send you our warmest wishes from Greece for the holiday season and the New Year!

We hope that we will once again be able to plan a trip for you, your friends and family and have the opportunity to welcome you to both our beautiful home country of Greece and the spectacular Italy, where we also specialize in the most family-friendly way.


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