mani hiking messinia peloponnese
kardamili hiking messinia peloponnese

Hiking Old Kardamili

Family hiking in the famous Mani towers

Kardamili is a paradise for nature lovers and for families who hike. You will hike around Old Kardamili and the abandoned fortified tower houses following the path that once was part of the ancient so-called “Royal Road” connecting Kardamili with Sparta. You will have the chance to marvel the Tower of Troupakis – Mourtzinos, that used to belong to one of the most powerful Maniot families, enter the 18th century church of Aghios Spiridon (Saint Spiridon) and visit the museum operating in the complex.

A burst of colors and fragrances of flowers and herbs will overwhelm you and bring you even closer to the natural environment. You will walk through an easy route, sometimes a stone-built path and sometimes a shady pathway, immersed in olive trees, pines and cypress trees and a small break for a healthy picnic with traditional local delicacies will give you additional supply of energy. Along the way you will discover all the elements and images that make up the scenery of Mani, narrate its past and lifestyle of Mani inhabitants throughout time.


Ideal for families with children from 6 years old

Period of operation: Throughout the year

Duration: 5 hours