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Some tips by MAMAKITA family hikers

Hiking is absolutely detoxifying! Even with kids? The answer is “Definitely!” Here are some tips for beginners!

  • Choose the right trail: It should be as much as hazard-free, preferably away from cliffs and with no great variations in altitude. Choose paths that you do not need to return to your starting point. Prefer “controllable” paths, either within national parks, either internationally certified, which means that they are clean and well-signed, offering detailed maps and even a mobile application. It is also useful to know the ways out from a path in case of emergency. MAMAKITA offers these tips by proposing specific trails for family hiking.
  • Involve the kids in the preparation and planning: The more you involve the kids, the more pro-active they will be during hiking. Inform them about the path with a map or a sketch, spend some time in explaining the use of essentials (i.e. sun hat and socks) and encourage them to draw or keep notes during the hike. Do not exaggerate about the experience they are about to live!
  • Dress in layers and in almost the same way, especially when it comes to toddlers for whom you are not sure on whether they are hot or cold. Keep them dry and cool. If it comes to babies, avoid the slings and choose the right baby carrier.
  • Be sure that they are well fed and hydrated. Take snacks and bottles of water.
  • Be sure about the weather, because difficult conditions such as rain may be very uncomfortable especially for the young ones.
  • Give them time to explore in detail: Also give yourself time to explore. Inspire them with flora and fauna, encourage them to take pictures, to collect something or to keep a diary.
  • For school-age children, start applying rules that will lead them to gain more autonomy: Rules such as never lose sight of the rest of the group, never bypass a sign. Teach them how to use a map and to prepare the essentials on their own. A bottle of water and a whistle should be always in their possession.
  • Go with friends and experts: This will increase the sense of safety, as well as knowledge and fun.
  • Teach kids to respect nature: Hiking is a direct and empirical way to raise ecological awareness. Teach them not to leave a trace, with you setting the example.
  • Keep in mind that every family has its own pace, resistances and balance. Its own expectations and preferences, so that the final word belongs to them.  

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