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In the path of Joan Leigh Fermor

Photo tour in the land of world-renown globetrotters

“I pine for hot stones and thorns and olive trees and prickly pears” wrote the famous travel writer and traveler Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor, who lived with his wife, photographer Joan Leigh Fermor until the end in this land. This is accurately descriptive of Messenian Mani and the pebble coast around Kardamyli.

Launch your photo expedition from Kardamyli together with the Greek awarded photojournalist and photo coach Maro Kouri and sense Mani’s uniqueness from above. Visit the villages Exohori, Saidona, Kastania, Thalames and Lagada, “capture” the towers of the Maniot “Captains” with your camera, your mind and soul, let your imagination depict their everyday lives and appreciate the Maniot distinct family bonds.

End your day with a plunge into the natural swimming pool at Nomitsianiki Lakka or with a ride with Dimitris, horse lover and artist and his white horse-carriage (without using a buggy whip) along the Maniot coast.


Ideal for families with children of all ages

Period of operation: Throughout the year

Duration: half or full day depending on the itinerary