A jogging experience in the Athens Panathenaic Stadium

athens kids jogging

The Panathenaic Stadium or Kallimarmaro is one of the main historic attractions of Athens, as it is the only stadium in the world built entirely of marble. Its rich history is directly connected to the Modern Olympic Games as from their revival in 1896 until the Athens Olympic Games in 2004. It is also the place from where the Olympic flame sets up its journey to the cities of the Olympic Games, both Winter, Summer and Youth.

You can enter the Panathenaic Stadium for your morning jogging from 07:30 until 09:00, by filling in a declaration form accepting the safety regulations of the Stadium. You can download the application here and fill it in before your arrival at the Stadium.The “curve” of the Kallimarmaro (“petalo” as we locals often say) is -maybe- the most exciting jogging trail in Europe with an entrance from Archimidous street. With a view of the Acropolis and the Parthenon on the one side and of the Lycabettus hill on the other, the jogging trail around the Stadium and the foothills of Ardittos green hill is an experience that you should not miss.

For a family-friendly and “hands-on” experience that will reveal to you the life of olympic athletes and help you get the background on what Olympics were really about, join the “Olympic athlete for a day” tour from Zappeion to the Panathenaic Stadium and don’t worry about personal bests, it’s the run, not the finish line that counts here!

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Tip of Friday morning: If you are planning a morning jogging or a visit to the Stadium, arrange it on a Friday morning, when the “open market” (“laiki agora” in Greek) takes place along Archimidous street. It is an exceptional and “colorful” experience, as well as an opprtunity to buy fresh organic vegetables and fruits, drink fresh juice and stroll around as we, locals do!

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