Messinia, kalamata & pylos

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Traveling to Messinia is a journey to a mythical world. In this region, you will have the opportunity to live family experiences in nature, swim next to the old castles of Navarino, Methoni and Koroni, hike in unique ecosystems, such as the Gialova lagoon, and live the experience as a local in the Messenian olive groves that give birth to the world-renown Kalamata olive oil. You will be able to attend family-friendly guided tours in the region’s archeological sites and the byzantine castles of Mystras; to visit Kalamata and Messenian Mani; to sail to Greece’s utmost southwest boundary, the Messinian islands, that are full of stories of pirates and shipwrecks. Enjoy the view of the Ionian Sea from golden beaches, next to white sea-lilies growing in the sand; let Homer’s epic poems take you back to Ancient Pylos, the Kingdom of Nestor, and watch the sun that scorches everything in the horizon and paints the endless olive grove in silver until it sets in the deepest blue Mediterranean Sea.

Guided services

hiking pylos messinia peloponnese

Family hiking in the paths of King Nestor

Bird-watching, swimming and hiking in the mythical land of Pylos

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olive oil tasting kids athens greece gastronomy

Explore the Olive Taste in Messinia

Educational olive tour and tasting in Ancient Messene

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sailing Freece family

Sailing the Messinian Islands

Your opportunity to visit one of Greece’s top hidden gems

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sea kayak messinia peloponnese

Family Sea Kayaking trip in Kalamata

A day to explore the hidden beaches of the Messinian Gulf

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Photo tour in the castles of south Peloponnese

Photo shooting Pylos, Methoni and Koroni

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kids Greece beach sea kayak

Family Sea Kayaking in Pylos

Family exploration of the Gulf of Navarino by sea

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kalamata messinia peloponnese

Walking tour in Kalamata

Kids friendly tour in the historic centre of the Messinian capital

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arcadiani tour cooking tasting arcadia peloponnese

Arcadian gastronomy tour

A feast on traditional local products

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handmade art messenia

Creating family sea memories

Eco-tour and handmade art workshop in Messenia

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Arcadian Gate Messene Peloponnese

Visit to Ancient Messene

Family-oriented tour in the significant ancient city

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messinia koroni peloponnese

Family Sea Kayaking in Koroni

At the westernmost peninsula of the Peloponnese

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mystras castle laconia peloponnese

Mystras for photography lovers

Photo tour on Mount Taygetus and the Byzantine city

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sunset koroni messinia sailing

Sailing the Messinian Gulf

A day to explore the coastline of the Messinian Gulf

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ancient olympia stadium tour

Visit Ancient Olympia from Kalamata 

The place where the heart of the Olympic Games beats!

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gerolimenas mani peloponnese beach

Mani and Diros caves from Kalamata

A day to explore the Maniot way of life

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pylos kid castle sfaktiria

Pylos & Voidokilia from Kalamata

Explore the Navarino Bay, the Castle and the most beautiful Greek beach!

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mystras castle laconia peloponnese

Mystras Day trip from Kalamata

Be a knight or a princess in the Byzantine town

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sparta leonidas statue peloponnese

This is Sparta!

A ‘laconic’ journey back in time…

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acropolis athens

Day trip to the Acropolis from Kalamata

Visit the Acropolis and the Museum in a day

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museum pylos father kids

Visit Pylos and Methoni from Kalamata

Discover the castles and the kids-friendly beaches

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