olive oil tasting mykonos
olive oil tasting mykonos
olive oil tasting mykonos

Olive Oil Sommelier for a day

Taste Greece in Mykonos and learn everything about Olive Oil and Mediterranean Diet

During this Olive Oil Tasting Workshop in Mykonos, you will learn how to smell, taste, and observe in order to discover the incredible flavors of fine Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

You will participate in a sensory evaluation procedure (used by professional tasters to categorize olive oil), that will help you understand the true meaning of “extra virgin” as well as how to describe an olive oil correctly with terms such as “fruity”, “bitter” and “spicy”. You will discover how to recognize a defective olive oil from a good one as well as how to correctly combine specific olive oils with different foods in order to transform a simple dish into something extraordinary simply by using the right olive oil.

The Olive Oil Tasting Workshop in Mykonos also aims to introduce you to the uniqueness of the Mediterranean Diet and all the health & beauty benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), that can transform your life forever. This is the perfect activity to live and share with your family & friends.

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Ideal for families with children from 10 years old.

Period of operation: May to November

Duration: About 2 hours

The price includes: olive oil seminar, food-pairing by an olive oil sommelier