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paros with kids gastronomy agritourism

Organic Farming & Picnic for Kids in Paros

Family picnic with local tastes and hands-on activities for kids at an organic farm

While on Paros with kids, visit an organic farm, learn more about the natural farming methods and get inspired by the principles of permaculture with hands-on activities and a family picnic with kids.

On a 5.6-acre land, at Kamari in Paros, meet Stavros and Katerina, who are building their dream step by step: an organic farm open to the public, where the natural wealth of the island and the Aegean ecosystem is celebrated. In a guided tour at the farm, you can see:

  • Approximately 700 – mostly fresh trees – olives, figs, pomegranates, almonds, carobs, acacias, as well as a few lemon, quince and apricot trees.
  • Crops of about 3,500 aromatic-medicinal plants (oregano, savory, dittany, sage, rosemary, lemon balm, marjoram, mint, calendula, lavender and sea fennel) as well as several capers and prickly pears.
  • Wild vegetation zones containing about 250 different species of local vegetation, including fine thyme and wild orchids.
  • Gardening of outdoor seasonal vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, spinach, kale, pumpkins etc.)
  • Vineyards (4 local varieties) on 1,000+ m2
  • Greenhouse with rooting and plant breeding stalls as well as covered garden of vegetables and experimental crops
  • Worm farm and compost production site for the needs of the farm

After the tour, you will all enjoy a refreshing drink at the farm kiosk, such as lemon juice or pomegranate juice with herbs depending on the season, while the grown-ups will taste the extraordinary “souma” spirit (double distillation). Then you will taste the extra virgin olive oil pure and enriched with various flavors of the farm and you will learn more about the nutritional value and properties of olive oil as well as its use in everyday cooking.

During the tasting picnic, children will learn how to dig and plant the seeds in their own handmade ceramic pot and together with their parents, they will participate in an herb contest! Tasting will continue with the delicious farm products, such as olives, fresh tomato paste, sea fennel pickle etc., as well as with some local products, such as baked bread from the traditional bakery of Ageria, and cheese from Paros cooperative. Our picnic concludes with the Greek famous yogurt with handmade spoon sweet on top!

How to book

This private family farm tour is ideal for families with children over 6 years old. It operates every morning from April to June and from September to October and it cannot be booked independently, but as part of a multi-day tailormade trip in the Greek Islands.

Please contact your MAMAKITA family travel specialist to tailor your trip to your family needs, budget and age of kids by filling in this form. We strongly advise you to make your request at least one month before the starting date of your trip, and ideally 3 months in advance, if your travel dates include July and August, the peak months for family vacations in Greece.