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Photo tour in Zagori

Photo shooting the stone-built villages and bridges in Epirus

An architectural miracle is Zagori! “Black and white” photography lovers will appreciate the range of grey, while nature photography enthusiasts will relish the unique colors of river Voidomatis and the Vikos gorge. Enjoy this photo tour in Zagori and create images and memories that will last forever!

Launch your photo expedition from anywhere in Zagori together with the Greek awarded photojournalist and photo coach Maro Kouri and draw your itinerary choosing among the traditional villages Monodendri, Kapesovo, Koukouli and Tsepelovo. Visit the Museum of Photography of the Ancestors “State of the People of Zagori” of Petros Fragoulis and the unique village Vovoussa in the less popular side of Zagori to capture the moment, the light and the Epirus haughty soul.

How to book

This privately guided tour is ideal for families with children of all ages and it operates throughout the year. It cannot be booked independently, but as part of a multi-day tailormade trip in Zagorohoria and Mainland Greece.

Please contact your MAMAKITA family travel specialist to tailor your trip to your family needs, budget and age of kids by filling in this form. We strongly advise you to make your request at least one month before the starting date of your trip, and ideally 3 months in advance, if your travel dates include July and August, the peak months for family vacations in Greece.