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Private Music Concert

Book Your Band for a Concert or a Music Course in Your Villa or in Your Yacht

Hosting friends from abroad and willing to organize a private music concert, a really special event?

Organizing a private party and eager to hire a local band?

Farewell gathering or just a private evening in your lodging? 

Enjoy Ancient Greek or Greek folk music, the famous works by modern Greek music composers, such as Manos Hadjidakis and Mikis Theodorakis. Absorb the distinct sound of Greek musical instruments, such as bouzouki, kanonaki, lyra, baglamas, mandolin, floghera and others.

Organize a private chamber music concert or a dance night; book your Greek band or an ensemble for world-ethnic, classical music, jazz or folk, and enrichen your experience with a traditional musical instruments’ workshop or a private course while in Greece for you, your kids and teenagers with the best virtuoso and soloists in Greece. It is here where you will find a part of you; at the crossroads of civilizations where the mysticism of the East meets with the lyricism of the West.