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Sea cruise in the Corinthian Gulf

Explore the Corinthian Gulf and its dolphins coast-by-coast

Have you ever imagined that the sea connecting the Aegean with the Ionian and distinguishing the Peloponnese from mainland Greece is so rich in landscape? Take this Sea cruise in the Corinthian Gulf and it will unveil its beauty!

Live the experience of a private half or full day rib cruise in the crystal-clear waters of the Corinthian Gulf and the shores of Northern Peloponnese along with the dolphins in one of their favorite habitats.

Discover tiny islands, such as Diporta or Alkyonides; untouched beaches, small fishing settlements with fresh fish and authentic taverns; archaeological sites by the water, such as Heraion, the sanctuary dedicated to Goddess Hera; unique sights of interest, such as the Melagkavi Lighthouse, safeguarding the passing ships since the 19th century, and Vouliagmeni Lake, connected with the sea by a narrow canal. Snorkel explore caves-miniatures of the Maltese Azure Window and collect family memories that will brighten your cold winter days!


  • SUP
  • Sea scooter
  • Wakeboard

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Ideal for families with children from 5 years old

Location: Kiato marina, sea trip in the Corinthian Gulf

Period of operation: Throughout the year depending on weather conditions

Duration: 4 hours (half-day)

Maximum capacity: 9 pax