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Sea Kayak in Nafplio

Family adventure trip in Nafplio

Argolis Gulf and Nafplio is an ideal destination for sea kayak lovers. Starting from the beautiful harbor of Nafplio, enjoy a sea kayaking family guided trip following the coastal Acronafplia and be enchanted by the magnificent view of the 3 castles of Nafplio, remote beaches, picturesque landscapes and inaccessible bays.

Qualified and experienced instructors accompany you in all this beautiful trail, offering you all the necessary instructions and equipment, to ensure the best and safest rowing in the beautiful scenic coastline of Argolis.

How to book

This private sea kayak tour is ideal for families with children over 9 years old and it operates from May to October. It cannot be booked independently, but as part of a multi-day tailormade trip in the Peloponnese.

Please contact your MAMAKITA family travel specialist to tailor your trip to your family needs, budget and age of kids by filling in this form. We strongly advise you to make your request at least one month before the starting date of your trip, and ideally 3 months in advance, if your travel dates include July and August, the peak months for family vacations in Greece.