Greece: The ideal place for your vacation with kids

Greece summer kids

Why Greece is the best place on earth for vacation with kids all year round!

Greece is certainly among anybody’s top choice for a summer vacation with kids! But this place is not only about Greek beaches and Greek islands. Yes, it has a lot of summer, sea and sun; it is steeped in ancient civilizations and archaeological treasures. But mainly it is the ideal place for families seeking genuine adventures, cultural immersion and meaningful human connections.

So, why taking your vacation in Greece with your kids?

  1. Because Greece is authentic. Not devastated by excessive constructions and deranged development. Rhythms are slow, closer to the natural pace of life. Greece makes you feel that you are not “running” to do as many activities as possible or to count how many places you have visited. It is ok if you slow down! So, adults living a crazy everyday life, can actually relish the time to appreciate the landscape, the traditional lifestyle of the inhabitants, the food, and the relaxing accommodation at a slow pace. In other words, to explore the art of slow and meaningful life. Our ideal place for slow travel is Mani by the way. Look for more here.

2. Because Greece is full of history and mythology that takes us all back to our roots. Greece’s sites to visit are not artificial. Archaeological sites narrate Greek mythology and the history of humanity through philosophy and political thought. And there is nothing more attractive and educational for kids than narrating history through myths and legends, and visiting their birthplace. It is like a living fairy tale. Right? Check our Herculian Adventures to see what we mean. Or if you have a special interest in political science and international relations, or just eager to visit important battlefields, check Great Heroes of a Small Country to explore more. 

3. Because Greece produces local quality products and because of its rich gastronomy. If you are interested in a healthy diet, that is the Mediterranean diet. If you are interested in your kids’ nutrition even while traveling, in tasting local authentic products and food, Greece is the place to do so. Cook with the locals, explore local tastes in food tours and participate in farming together with the locals in our Gastro-magical Greece”.

4. Because of Greece’s variety. Kids will never get bored and you will never need to drive long distances between the highest peak of a mountain to the crystal-clear waters of a sandy kids friendly beach. It is among the few places on earth where you can hike up on the mountains, bike amidst the vineyards and the olive groves, swim in a waterfall, in a river and in a sandy beach, all in one day. See for example how many different landscapes you can combine travelling to northern Peloponnese, which is famous for its vineyards and Greek wine or in the sandy coast with the endless olive grove in Messinia and ancient Olympia.

5. Because Greece is ideal for hikers, adventure-seekers and families who appreciate being close to nature. Its easy mountain trails can host your family’s first hike; its mild rivers can welcome your family’s first rafting activity. If your family wants a magical adventure, check our journey in Arcadia with nymphs and fairies.

6. Because of the fabulous Greek weather all year round. This has a lot of advantages! You don’t have to carry so many clothes for you and the kids, you can cherish a swim from April to November, the seas are ideal for a sea cruise. You can become “Little Mariners” almost all year round!

7. Because of Greece’s unique ecosystem, biodiversity and wildlife. Embracing virgin forests and important wetlands for migratory and predatory birds, protected by the RAMSAR Convention and the Natura 2000 Network, Greece is the crossroads of important water corridors, as well as cultural routes. Traveling with kids in Greece is a timeless family “safari” in Greece’s wildlife and history along and across water paths, ideal for family road trips and ecotourism!

8. Because Greeks are extrovert and children friendly! Greeks include their kids in all outings and it is expected that they will be heard! Whether it is at a local tavern, café, beach or square there is a kind acceptance to kids’ rambunctiousness. Their love for children will mean that no matter what you might encounter there is always someone there offering to help – a Greek giagia (grandmother), another parent – even another kid! This makes Greece a family-safe place to vacation!

Need some help in trip planning? Willing to visit Greece with your kids and wondering which destination is the best for your family?

To render your vacation and traveling adventures safer and your planning more comfortable; to save time and money, as well as to find out the authentic and family friendliest side of Greece, find here the best Greece Family Vacation packages designed by local travel advisors and enjoy your family holidays in Greece without worrying about family friendly accommodation or kid-friendly tours and activities. All packages are customizable according to your needs, interests, travel pace and your kids’ age.

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