The Journey of an Olive Wreath

Leisure Family Vacation from Messinia to Ancient Olympia 

From the lands giving birth to the Messenian olive groves that dress the Ionian coast in silver, follow the imaginary journey of an olive wreath once knitted to crown the Olympic athletes in Ancient Olympia and inspire yourselves and the kids with the values of friendship, respect and excellence. Spend your family vacation in Messinia and Western Peloponnese!

MAMAKITA will help you travel across time from Antiquity, as Telemachus did in Homer’s Odyssey to reach Ancient Pylos and the Palace of Nestor; through the seafront Venetian, Frankish and Ottoman castles, until modern times and the crucial naval Battle of Navarino that defined the fate of the Modern Greek state. With its littoral forests, its endless sandy coast where the sea turtles “caretta-caretta” lay their eggs, and its lagoons and lakes hosting migratory birds, western Peloponnese is ideal for family activities, such as hiking, bird-watching, archeological tours, wine and olive oil tasting, sea kayaking, sailing, diving, and island hopping… But first and foremost, it is a miniature of the “Greek paradise” with some of the family-friendliest bays in Greece and small local taverns serving fresh fish and other sea treasures for you and your family to spend your unforgettable lazy days on the beach.

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Family Summer Vacation in Navarino, Messenia

Customizable 10-day Family Vacation Package to Greece With Kids

  • Swimming in sandy beaches & world-famous Voidokilia
  • Legendary castles of Navarino & Methoni
  • Kid-friendly ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympics
  • Family river trekking & swimming in waterfalls
  • Boat trip in untouched coves & islets
  • Taste the extra virgin olive oil & local gastronomy

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