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The Benaki Museum of Greek Culture is housed in one of the most beautiful neoclassical-style buildings in Athens, near the National Garden and the Hellenic Parliament. It was converted into a museum in order to shelter the collections of Antonis Benakis and was donated to the Greek nation by himself and his three sisters, Alexandra, Penelope and Argine.

Following its most recent refurbishment (1989–2000), the building houses a unique exhibition on Greek culture arranged in its three permanent collections: Prehistoric, ancient Greek and Roman art; Byzantine Art and the collection of historic heirlooms donated by the descendants and relatives of individuals who are intimately connected with the history of modern Greece.

In the Benaki Museum we leave the artifacts of the Neoclassic Art Collection take us on a journey from Crete to Macedonia and from Zakynthos to Kappadokia, reviving the everyday life of Hellenism during the 18th and 19th century. Goldwork outfits, embroideries full of imagination, colorful ceramics that point the high standards of the Greek popular culture.

In its beautiful terrace overlooking the National Garden and the Parliament, you can enjoy your coffee and juices, as well as an invigorating snack, while in the ground floor, you will have the chance to visit the museum’s shop.

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