Kessariani monastery and Mount Ymittos

hiking athens mountain kids

Ymittos is one of the three mountains “embracing” Athens together with Parnitha and Pendeli. The closest to the city center, Ymittos is considered an important “lung” for the residents of Attica and an opportunity for a daily exercise and a weekend pic nic amidst pine and fir trees.

Ymittos attracts many locals during religious festivities due to the numerous monasteries found on its slopes, such as the monastery Asterios, the Monastery of St. John the Theologian, Monastery of St. John the Hunterm, and the Monastery of St. John the Baptist at Kareas. The most popular is the Byzantine Monastery of Kessariani, today operating as a museum that you can visit together with an experienced family-oriented tour guide upon request to MAMAKITA at

Behind the monastery, you can have a pic nic in the area of the association for the preservation of the Ymittos forest, “Philodassiki”, or hike for half an hour to the olive grove plateau that offers marvelous views of the city, especially in the sunset.

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