MAMAKITA is a team of travel consultants who have travelled across Greece with their kids and have taken the most common phrase of their children very seriously. With every “MAMA KITA”, they have traced the best places for families of all tastes, and they have built a network of top service providers with whom they share the vision to create every family’s “Grecious” travel story.



“As a family travel journalist and having travelled in every single place in Greece with my kids, I saw what was missing. Ideal places to stay, lifetime experiences, magical landscapes, hidden knowledge, unrevealed myths and legends that make Greece the top family friendly destination. But not yet discovered. This is why MAMAKITA is created.” Eleni Fotiou

“As a project manager, I have been involved in many projects in tourism, the “happiness industry” as I use to say, and I love it; because it is basically about connecting with people and creating shared memories. This is why I joined the MAMAKITA team: to share my travel passion with other families and help them build lifetime memories”. Ifigenia Lanara

“As a pedagogue, I am deeply convinced that family travel is the best way to bond, build memories and explore the world together. As a legal advisor, I believe that every family deserves the right to get the best out of its precious family time. This is why I am part of the MAMAKITA team.” Evi Katsigianni