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Ecotourism and River Activities in Northern Greece with Kids

A family road trip to Northern Greece with Kids in the family-friendly, educational and fun [...]

Visit Zagori Villages with the Family

Travel With Kids to Epirus’s Petra Few are the places where the man-made environment ties [...]

Best Science Activities for kids in Athens

By Elfi Koufogeorgou-Dontis* Traveling with kids is not only about laying on the beach (which [...]

Beyond Athens with kids

Things to do if you have more than 2 days to spend in Athens with [...]

Beach vacations in the Peloponnese designed for you and your kids

Follow MAMAKITA on “The Journey of an Olive Wreath” from Messenia to Ancient Olympia If [...]

A Night out in Athens without the kids

Who said that traveling with kids means skipping romance and your intimate time with each [...]

Hiking with kids

Some tips by MAMAKITA family hikers Hiking is absolutely detoxifying! Even with kids? The answer [...]

Gastronomical gems in Lemnos island

The Lemnos Philema Gastronomy and Wine Festival By Yanna Balafouti* Located in the northeastern Aegean [...]

Family Travel Planning: Why Using a Travel Advisor

Booking Online vs Using the Services of a Travel Agent …When planning to travel with [...]

Christmas in Greece

The best time to visit Greece in winter is Christmas! Christmas trees, shiny ornaments and bright lights [...]