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Herculian adventures

Family friendly archaeology and mythology tour in the Peloponnese

Peloponnese is mythical! It is the land that gave birth to Greek mythology and still keeps the “secrets” of the Greek cultural, religious and ethnic identity. It is the scenery of the six out of the twelve labors of children-adored semi-God Hercules; the land hosting the first and oldest of all, city in humanity; the place where the Olympic Games were founded and the Olympic flame is lit to this day symbolizing the Truce, Peace and Friendship; the territory where Homer’s “Golden Mycenae” and its civilization flourished; where the last castle of the Byzantine Empire fell; where the Greek Upheaval erupted and the first capital of the Modern Greek State was inaugurated.

MAMAKITA has collected all the family-friendly gems in the Peloponnese and will help you revive the ancient myths by following Hercules in his Labors, and travel across time to most important Greek archaeological sites. The most popular road trip in Greece, the archaeological tour in the Peloponnese eventually enriches your imagination, inspires the whole family and makes you empirically learn the history of ancient civilizations.

Are you ready to live your myth in Greece in the family friendliest way?

Seasons: All

Ages: All

Available accommodation: traditional guesthouses, 3*, 4*, 5* hotels and resorts, exclusive villas, ecolodges, farms, seafront suites, all-inclusive resorts. Combination of locations depending on interests, desired pace and time availability.

How to get there: Arrival to Athens International Airport, rent a car (with or without a driver)

Available exclusive services: nanny, professional family-oriented and experienced mountain guide, licensed tour guide specialized in kids

Plan your family travel itinerary with the guidance of MAMAKITA travel advisors and find the best places to stay and the best things to do in Greece with kids.  

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